We aim to always have an extensive range of furniture, strive to be reasonably priced in an ever-inflating market and ensure we are constantly looking for innovative ways to improve delivery.

TC Group was born from humble beginnings in 1990. Way back then we were working from an Office in Chew Magna, operating from a very small warehouse.

Well, when we say ‘office’, we mean ‘bungalow’ and when we say ‘warehouse’ we mean ‘pig shed.’ Since then, we’ve been pretty busy. 

By 2016 both Titan and Woodstock Leabank joined the family bringing with them an additional 20 years of specialist experience, a whole load of colourful chairs and potential for so much more. 

Now in 2022, we’re a reliable, well oiled and super slick business, that sells a lot of furniture to a lot of people. We employ many happy, intelligent and hardworking staff, 102 to be precise, and each person lies in the heart of our business.


Jobs At TC Group

We're always on the lookout for new people to join our ever-expanding family