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Emily Hannan

More and more companies are rethinking how they work. Existing employees and new candidates are looking for flexibility, comfort, and an eco-friendly company culture in the workplace and will be looking for roles in companies that offer that and more. Providing a space where all employees can work comfortably, creatively, and productively is perhaps the most important key to attracting and retaining talent. 


Having a green and creative office is perhaps the most attractive quality that new and existing talent are looking for.

Gen Z in particular, want to feel at home in their workspace, working somewhere with less traditional seating and desking and instead creating a more domestic, creative, and comfortable feel.

This feel can easily be created with the use of indoor plants – or imitation plants if you lack green fingers! Think about using customisable and bespoke desking solutions like the Atlas Range, which offers integrated storage and planters that can be re-configured and set up to work for whatever its user requires.

Plants – real or imitation – add a much-needed burst of colour to not only the workspace but also a calming effect for those trying to focus on tasks. By integrating a greener atmosphere into the workplace, health benefits such as lowered blood pressure, lowered heart rate, and memory restoration have been noticed. 


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Devil’s Ivy, also known as Pothos, is a type of evergreen vine. The leaves are large and sometimes heart-shaped and come in a wide variety of colours. This species adapts well to workspaces, from low light levels to brighter ones.

This easy-to-care-for plant with heart-shaped, whitesplotched leaves makes a lovely addition sitting on a desk, shelf or table, and large specimens, trained around a pole or cane, look great in big pots on the floor. 

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Perfect for reception areas or dotted along walkways and corridors, Bromeliads may require a bit more maintenance at first in order to bloom, but once they do aside from the odd watering now and then, they require very little care.

One of the main reasons for this is that they don’t require much fertiliser, meaning all you need is water and someone to look at them once in a while. With their striking colours and beautiful blooms, this won’t be hard. 

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Zamioculcas Zamiifolia, commonly abbreviated to the ZZ plant, is perhaps one of the easiest to maintain plants you could find. Their fat stalks and bulging roots store a huge amount of water, meaning you don’t have to water them every day.

This plant is probably best for those who are guilty of killing their plants. The ZZ can also tolerate prolonged periods of low light, making it the perfect candidate for a desk plant.


Sometimes, to create green office envy, you need to think about redesigning workspaces to create a more tranquil and comfortable atmosphere can significantly improve employees’ mood, productivity, and creativity levels. Integrating natural and homely features into workspaces can vastly improve an employee’s productivity and serotonin levels. Think about how you can integrate plants, natural lighting and homely feels into your workspace. 

Domestic and biophilic design not only provides a level of physical comfort with the use of soft seating, planters and warm lighting but also brings a certain feeling of calm and familiarity into the workplace. With design features such as planters and soft seating, like our Kuddle range of seating and dens, breakout spaces, bright colours and homely furnishings, companies are able to create a more welcoming and warmer environment that employees feel happier working within.

Workplaces with home design elements can easily compete with the appeal of home working, which is still a very popular choice for employees; they offer similar benefits that employees would normally receive by working from home, such as comfortability, flexibility, familiarity, and inspiration.

Everyone works and thinks differently. This is a known constant within the working world, but most businesses still stick to a typical commercial design that is structured to fit the idea of needing only two things: a desk and a chair. Domestic design accommodates everyone by including a variety of atypical office features in its design.

accommodating every workstyle

A big part of creating green office envy is creating adaptable, comfortable spaces that work for everyone. Everyone works differently. And everyone deserves to work in the way they are most comfortable with. Take a look at just a few types of working styles that we’ve noticed being implemented in the office of late. 

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Most people prefer to work how they’ve always worked – with a desk and a chair. It’s important to make sure every employee has a space that is theirs, where they can focus and work easily on projects and tasks throughout their working week. 

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The Hybrid Working Style is the perfect choice for those who like to move around their space, switching from sitting in a traditional way, to using height adjustable desking to stand or lean for periods of time throughout the day. Sit/ Stand desks and posture seating enhance the well-being of your employees, having been designed to improve alertness and blood circulation and reduce fatigue and employee absenteeism through ill health. 

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The Comfort Working Style is a trend that will definitely be carried on for years to come. Employees are attracted to the idea of having maximum comfort during their working week, making it easier for them to complete their tasks and feel comfortable while doing so. Dens, pods, and sofas not only offer employees a space to come together, socialise, take meetings and collaborate, but also somewhere to focus and work productively on individual tasks away from traditional desking and the hustle and bustle of the office chatter. 

A flexible and comfortable workspace offers employees a space where creativity, innovation and productivity can flow freely. It also gives employees the ability and space to get up and walk around, socialise or even take a break away from their work; they’ll feel happy in coming to work and will likely feel less stiff and be more productive.

Will you and your company be a part of the green office envy trend? 

Emily Hannan 27 October, 2022
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