We believe that offices shouldn’t look like offices. They should look and feel like adaptive, flexible, and fun spaces that create a relaxing and sociable atmosphere.

Intertwining soft seating into working and learning environments is ideal for creating relaxing spaces where creativity can flow freely without the added distractions that busy office settings can bring.

There is a freedom that comes with having flexible soft seating integrated into the workplace. It inspires staff to be creative and productive and keeps them engaged in their everyday activities. They can move freely from space to space and collaborate with team members with ease. With the freedom to work in different exciting environments, staff can choose the time and place to focus. 

moving away from desk work

Soft seating allows workspaces to break away from their typical design and introduce their staff to a new way of working.

We all know that sitting in the same position for a prolonged time isn’t good for posture or productivity, especially in the workplace. Our new soft seating range is looking to combat this, allowing staff to choose where they work from and for how long.

Kuddle offers a wide range of armchairs, sofas, and dens to refresh spaces and create a relaxing and sociable atmosphere. Or there are our closed dens, with a slanted roof, high side panels, and a central table with optional integrated power supplies, lighting, and TV screens that offer users the ability to work comfortably, whether in concentration or as a collective team. 



We spend around a third of our time in the workplace, which is why it is essential that the space you are working from is comfortable and inspires productivity and creativity.

Dull, cramped, and uncomfortable workspaces can really harm an employee’s productivity levels. Our workspaces shouldn’t just be functional anymore. In a modernised world of work, inspiring innovation and motivation are the essences of workspaces.

Being seated comfortably prevents distraction throughout the workday and adding bursts of colour helps create a relaxing and sociable atmosphere. So, creating seating that is comfortable and bespoke will also improve the overall feel of your space.

Kuddle is a fully bespoke range, offering a fully customisable service, meaning you can design your space with that extra personal touch.


We rely on technology more than ever before; screens, tablets, laptops, and phones have become ever-present in our lives and more challenging to work without.

The Kuddle collection offers a range of built-in technology options, enhancing how we can work in office spaces and how we can connect and collaborate.

Integrated power supply, wireless charging, and lighting can all be incorporated for users looking to hot desk and move around their space freely. Booths can easily be turned into perfect meeting points by adding brackets to mount TV screens to them.


 We envision the future office spaces as contemporary places where we’ll be able to work, learn, and socialise in a way that is tailored specifically to our own needs and aesthetics.

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