Over the last few years, businesses have started to migrate from traditional office layouts to modernised, comfortable workspace layouts – the most popular layout being the open plan office. 

Workspaces perform better when they’re able to adapt to suit the needs of all employees working within them, catering to a range of different working styles. Successful open plan office designs adhere to creating connective, comfortable and creative workspaces that work for all employees. 


Open plan offices allow for flexibility, not only in the design and layout of the space but also in the way employees can move around the space and connect with others without the hindrance of walls, doors, or partitions; employees are encouraged to come together to communicate and collaborate on projects and tasks in person or socialise during breaks and downtime.

On the other side of the spectrum, open plan office designs also allow for quiet, individual workspaces to be created with soft seating, booths, or dens like our Kuddle and Kona ranges, where employees can focus on projects and tasks that call for no distractions. 



Open plan office spaces have the ability to allow different departments to connect and communicate with each other with ease. With the barriers of walls and partitions gone, this can not only improves productivity levels across the business but also increases employee creativity.  


Providing bespoke, versatile, and colourful desking, seating and storage solutions, like our Atlas and Kuddle ranges, can drastically help to boost an employee’s mood, creativity and well-being. 


Open office layouts need a strong design plan to create the style in a way where you can fully reap the benefits of having and using it. 

Plan, Plan, Plan.
Look at your workplace and talk to your employees to work out what's best for both your space and the people working within it. 

Incorporate colour, soft seating and carpet in your space to create a homely, warm and open feel.

Think about using screens, walls and partitions as an ideas board to inspire creativity.

Create a biophilic, green feel in your space with real or imitation plants and wooden accents on desking and seating.

Think about having conversations with your employees to see if an open plan office design is right for your business.