The Story of Arc: Design Principles
3 June, 2021 by
The Story of Arc: Design Principles
Emily Hannan

Meet Arc.

Arc is endlessly adaptable and designed for use within multiple environments, such as the secondary and further education sector, café, conference, and healthcare facilities.

Designed in the UK, the Arc chair's aesthetic will define the Titan brand for years to come. Arc is a single shell injection moulded chair—a multipurpose and versatile product with various leg sets and colour palettes that you can choose from. 


Titan furniture is a global provider of innovative products and services to the education market. We care about our customer's needs, which is why we work hard to design quality products for our customers manufactured across the UK, Europe, and Asia.

We recognise that in educational environments comfort is the key to improving a student’s productivity, concentration, and ability to learn. We are committed and passionate about creating versatile and innovative educational furniture that can not only improve the way in which student can learn, but also their well-being and mental health.

Arc strongly adheres to being a versatile product, with emphasis on movability, comfort and space. Arc has been created with its users’ comfort, engagement, and personal space in mind. Now more than ever, keeping our space our own is vital and Arc’s design ensures this, from incorporating movability, an active 3D tilt mechanism, or even storage bases. 


The Arc chair fits perfectly in a range of settings. Whether used in cafes, universities, or modernised office spaces, the Arc chair can adapt and evolve to its environment. 



The Arc Move chair is easy to integrate into flexible working environments, whether in the office or educational settings, to modernise the way these spaces look and feel. This chair gives the user the ability to move around areas with ease and reconfigure multipurpose rooms quickly. 


Arc has been designed using compound curves; these compound curves provide a less abrupt transition of movement, so when seated in an Arc chair, users can experience a much more comfortable sitting experience. Being developed with compound curves as the front focus, the Arc chair provides an extra level of strength, stability, and flexibility, giving users the ability to work and learn in a more productive and relaxing way. 

Arc is one of a limited number of products that has been certified to both Parts 1 & 2 of the education standard BS EN 1729, specifying strength, stability and ergonomic requirements.

The Arc Swivel & Tilt chair has a unique 3D mechanism that instinctively tilts forward, back and side to side with the user's weight as they work, creating a dynamic and comfortable sitting experience. This swivel chair gives the user the ability to move around and comes with an optional arm tablet, perfect for notetaking in lecture halls and keeping your space your own.  



With the ability to adapt to any environment or atmosphere, Arc is versatile. It has been designed to work in any type of space, with the capability to fit to multiple frames and leg sets, creating limitless design options. Arc comes in a wide variety of contemporary colours, straying away from the classic primary colours that are typically using in working and educational environments. 

Considered and designed to be highly mobile and with personal space management in mind. bag base provides extra space for your belongings while also practicing social distancing in large settings like universities and offices. The chair also offers an optional arm tablet, creating a safer workspace, while also reducing the amount of space you take up. 


Arc comes in a range of colours and styles, edging itself away from the typical look and feel of secondary and higher education chairs, straying from using bright primary colours, delving instead into new shades like sage, coral, and anthracite.  

Whatever your need, Arc can fulfil it.


Arc will be available from August 2021. For more information, contact us or go to

The Story of Arc: Design Principles
Emily Hannan 3 June, 2021
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