11 April, 2022 by
Emily Hannan

After the last few years, workplaces have been turned on their heads. The way offices and workspaces used to be utilised is no longer the norm, and the way we work in them has also changed. Businesses are placing higher importance on employees’ mental health, well-being, and productivity – making sure the workplace feels like it’s somewhere comfortable to be.

We’ve put together a list of some of the workplace trends that we think will define this year. 



Companies have been focusing on work-life balance and the mental health of employees more and more over the last two years, and it’s something that is sure to continue all the way through 2022.

Prioritising employee well-being could take many forms in the workplace. Many companies are starting to introduce the idea of soft seating and breakout spaces into the workplace. Breakout spaces can be used for meetings, socialisation, or collaboration. Working in a comfortable and relaxed environment not only boosts productivity but also creates a positive atmosphere around the whole workspace.

Some businesses are adopting the idea of biophilic design into their workspaces. Biophilic design is all about bringing nature into the office. Incorporating nature into the workplace can take many different forms. Whether it be using brighter and more natural colours for walls, indoor plants - both real and imitation, or even furniture with wooden accents, nature can positively impact mood and well-being within the workplace.

Companies may also look into providing additional employee benefits, including work flexibility, bonuses, and work ‘fun’ days to boost morale and retention. 



Over the last two years, businesses have become accustomed to flexible working. Most companies got a taste of home working in those two years, and now are looking at making flexibility a normalised way of working. 

When it comes to where we work, there will continue to be three main arrangements.

Office working:

For some people, being in the office and working closely with other people is a big part of their role, so being in a social and collaborative environment could still be the best option.

Remote working: 

For others, working from a home office is a more productive and efficient solution. They can work in the comfort of their home where they feel it’s easier to concentrate without the distractions an office environment can bring.  

Hybrid working:

Some people prefer the best of both worlds, working with a mix of both the home and the office. This is perhaps the most popular working arrangement right now, as people are looking to be able to get back into in-person meetings and workplace collaboration, while still having the opportunity to work on individual tasks without office distractions.

In 2022, it’s more likely that workers will have the choice between which arrangement works best for them depending on job type and productivity outcomes. Whatever an employee chooses, it has to work for both themselves and the business. 


As a business, we know that diversity and inclusion of people leads to stronger teams and better business outcomes. It's about practicing what real inclusivity feels like; feeling like you are heard and that your ideas count is paramount to creating an inclusive company dynamic.  

Finding ways to attract and retain diverse talent is becoming more and more important in the business world. There are a lot of ways to attract new talent and retain existing employees within companies. 

Retaining Existing Talent:
- Empower employees to do their job to the best of their ability

- Implement employee surveys

- Show appreciation and respect to all employee

- Offer the ability to grow within the company

Attracting New Talent:
- Develop an employer brand that reflects your business

- Define your company culture

- Treat your current employees with respect

- Offer competitive benefits/perks

When people feel supported in bringing their whole selves to work, they tend to contribute more. 



In the last few years, technology has become paramount to many businesses, making them work smarter, harder and adapt to new situations, such as employees working from home and meetings with customers being handled over video calls.

No matter if you're working for a large or small business, the importance of technology is abundantly clear. Whether your company is going back to the office full-time, shifting to remote working, or going hybrid, the likelihood is that technology will become your biggest friend in 2022.


Video conferencing and collaboration tools will become a staple of work in 2022 and beyond. Different companies will be adopting different ways of working and with not all employees working in the same space, teams will continue to use these tools to work together and create the best outcomes for their business.

We believe that these trends will define the workplace in 2022. 

Emily Hannan 11 April, 2022
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