Arc: Our Environmental Message
7 June, 2021 by
Arc: Our Environmental Message
Emily Hannan


Concern for the environment and the connect people have with it is integral to our business and is reflected within all our products. We place the highest importance on creating long-lasting, innovative designs, so you can use our products for years to come.  

The Arc chair has been created with the idea of both longevity and reuse in the future; it has been carefully engineered to adhere to being an environmentally friendly product for years to come. We are committed to continually improving how we protect the environment, including reducing pollution and waste and the materials used within our products.   


Here at Titan, concern for the environment and the connection people have with it, is integral to our business and reflected in all our products. We place the highest importance on creating long-lasting designs, so you can use our products for years to come.

The Arc chair is 100% recyclable and fire resistant as standard. It disassembles easily to enable effortless refurbishment in the future. During the production of Arc we minimise the amount of waste. The small amount that doesn’t get used in production is made into new chairs, or other small products, by mechanically recycling the plastic. We are passionate about supplying products, like the Arc chair, that supports intuitive and flexible teaching environments. We recognise that understanding our businesses relationship with the environment in the design and manufacturing process has never been so important. We want to ensure that we do our part in having the smallest negative impact possible.  


People and businesses are more conscious than ever about hygiene and cleanliness. The Arc chair is easy to clean and uses an antimicrobial additive in production, which keeps bacteria off a product that many people would normally use during the day. Bacteria survives the longest on plastic. As furniture designers and manufacturers, we are responsible for ensuring that the materials we use and the products we produce contribute to a healthier environment. Antimicrobial products can cut off bacteria's pathways to prevent germs' transmission on our products to effectively avoid the contact between pathogens and the human body. Products finished with this formula are environmentally friendly while protecting those who use them by preventing diseases from spreading.       

Titan has attained ISO 14001 certification which is the international standard that specifies requirements for an effective environmental management system (EMS). It provides a framework that we as an organisation can follow, rather than simply establishing environmental performance requirements. 


biophilic design

Of late, more and more businesses are looking into integrating biophilic designs into their work and learning spaces. Biophilia (meaning love of nature) focuses on human’s instinctive attraction to mother nature; we all have a genetic connection to the natural world that has been cemented by past generations that were accustomed to living in agrarian environments. Bringing the outside inside has been seen to improve a person’s productivity, well-being, and ability to learn or work with a higher level of concentration and comfort. 

The versatility of Arc as a product lends itself to making spaces more open plan and naturistic, straying away from block primary colours, and instead moving towards more refreshing colours like forest and coral. By bringing more of the outdoors inside, we are able to create a more productive and connective learning environment.   

Arc will be available from August 2021. For more information, contact us or go to


Arc: Our Environmental Message
Emily Hannan 7 June, 2021
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